Unexpected gift scared Lucifer star Tom Ellis!

Unexpected gift scared Lucifer star Tom Ellis!

Who would have thought that the star of Lucifer could be intimidated by something? However, someone did it well. After all, the police received a statement from Tom Ellis and his wife Meaghan Oppenheimer about receiving a frightening parcel in the mail.


As it became known from official sources, an unusual parcel of glitter was delivered to the couple’s home in Los Angeles last month. It looked creepy enough to make Tom and Meaghan freak out and call the police. Well, the statement to the police has been written, but why could a box of sparkles scare celebrities? It turned out that the couple would not be surprised if the package was addressed to Tom. But the fact that the package was for Meaghan worried them greatly.

Now LAPD’s Threat Management division is in charge of this case. They say that they already have some leads that, hopefully, will soon lead them to the culprit and the secret of the unusual package will be revealed.

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