Lyriq Bent Nude And Erotic Photos & Videos Collection

Lyriq Bent Nude And Erotic Photos & Videos Collection

Lyriq Bent nude pictures and videos will take all your thoughts when you see them. This Jamaican-Canadian actor is in great physical shape!. And you can immediately see that most of his life is spent in the gym. You will undoubtedly check out the films with Lyriq Bent, because there he flaunted his nude ass!

Here are some things you may not have known about Lyriq Bent. It turns out he was born in Jamaica. In addition to his acting career, he also voiced a playable character in the video game Mafia III. By the way, at first he was going to work as a graphic designer, and he also worked as a DJ! This guy loves to play golf.

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Lyriq Bent shirtless photoshoots

Lyriq Bent can drive everyone crazy with his sweet lips, which he displays in portrait photos. Plus, this male celebrity is happy to show off his pumped up chest and 6-pack abs. Therefore, shirtless photography is also not uncommon for him. You can see it for yourself! Agree, this guy looked very hot posing shirtless on the seashore with a ball in his hands.

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Lyriq Bent nude and sexy movie scenes

Lyriq Bent nudity movie scenes

You cannot remain indifferent to Lyriq Bent’s nude booty, which he sported in some films. And his torso with iridescent muscles looked simply divine! Sure, it would be great if this male celebrity showed off his sweet cock as well, but maybe he’ll do it some other time?

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Acrimony (2018)

This guy played great in Acrimony (2018). This psychological thriller is worth watching to admire Lyriq Bent’s nude firm buttocks! Indeed, in one of the scenes, this hot stud stripped naked to take a bath!

In addition, you will be able to see this actor naked in another scene. There he had sex with a woman right in the shower stall!

She’s Gotta Have It (2017)

Check out his acting in She’s Gotta Have It (2017). After all, there this male celebrity had passionate sex with a woman on the bed. And you can even see a close-up of Lyriq Bent’s nude ass as the woman squeezes it with her hands! This actor also showed a close-up of his naked torso so you can see every muscle!

And in another scene of this movie, this guy was sitting on the bed and reminiscing. He seemed to be thinking about how hot his sex with a girlfriend was. And the audience could see how Lyriq Bent nude tight buttocks moved back and forth, as he fucked her in missionary position.

The Book of Negroes (2015)

This handsome man also played in The Book of Negroes (2015). In one of the scenes, Lyriq Bent nude was lying on the bed. And part of his buttocks and pubis peeped out from under the sheet! It is not surprising that the woman without hesitation jumped into his bed and began to kiss him.

And in another scene, you can admire this handsome man with a burnt-out stigma muscular torso as he lay on the bed. Well Lyriq Bent was in great physical shape during the filming of this movie! And he began to kiss the woman with such vigor that it all ended without a doubt with hot sex!

The Affair (2014)

It is impossible to imagine the TV series The Affair (2014) without his participation. There he was gently fucking a woman on the bed and moaning softly. Lyriq Bent moved his cock in her until he came and then pressed her to his nude body. Well, he’s a very good lover, isn’t he?


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