Cocaine overdose took the life of Henry “Nacho” Laun

Cocaine overdose took the life of Henry “Nacho” Laun

Once again, cocaine took the life of one of the celebrities. Henry “Nacho” Laun died of a cocaine overdose this time, as evidenced by his death certificate. The very same death is defined as an accident.

Nacho won the hearts of fans by appearing on the A&E show because he loved taking part in eating challenges. For example, this guy could not hesitate to drink Tabasco sauce just to win. Wahlburgers star died on June 1 in Plymouth andthe cremation took place on June 19.

Misfortune happened to him while he was touring from Boston to Cape Cod. So, in mid-May, he was found at a gas station in a car. Since he did not regain consciousness, he was sent to the hospital. Henry Laun even had to be hooked up to life support devices because he couldn’t breathe on his own.

For a while, he even felt better, which gave a hope for his further recovery. But still his body failed and Nacho died. He was 54 years old.

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