Will Smith believes racists cannot be geniuses

Will Smith believes racists cannot be geniuses

Will Smith decided to speak frankly about his experiences with racists. In his opinion, most of the racists he met were stupid people, but he also does not rule out the theory of smart racists.

The American actor shared his story of fighting racism during his time in Hollywood and also before in the ‘Pod Save America’ podcast. And it was all timed to coincide with his recently created Netflix series about the 14th Amendment, ‘Amend: The Fight for America.

Will Smith also said that some people did not hesitate to call him the n-word to his face, and this happened more than once. At the same time, this experience helped him manage the project. Will believes that the people who told him this were not intelligent and were ignorant. However, he did not forget to mention another form of racism based on evil.

In his video, this male celebrity talks about how ignorance can be overcome through education. However, if evil is at the root of someone’s racism, then it is not so easy to get rid of it.

Watch this video as well as Will’s doc, ‘Amend’ to draw your own conclusions.

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