Travis Barker Nude Sexy Videos And Shirtless Photos Collection

Travis Barker Nude Sexy Videos And Shirtless Photos Collection
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Travis Barker has been under the watchful eye of the paparazzi lately. Although this musician has previously enjoyed success with the public. Who knows, maybe it’s because Travis Barker’s nude chest is often seen during his stage performances? By the way, his music videos are even more frank and provocative. After all, there Travis Barker did not hesitate to appear completely nude!

It turns out that Travis Barker, who recently became husband to Kourtney Kardashian, has her own clothing line. 14 years ago, he was in a plane crash in which he miraculously survived. After that, he became a vegan. By the way, before becoming a famous drummer, this man worked as a waste collector.

Travis Barker shirtless and sexy photos

Travis Barker often appears shirtless in public. Well, maybe he wants to once again show off the tattoos on his naked torso? And when it seems that there is no room for new tattoos on his body, he still finds an opportunity to make them. So, recently a new tattoo dedicated to Courtney appeared. This male celebrity is in good physical shape, although his torso does not look too pumped up.

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Travis Barker nude scenes

Travis Barker nude photos

By the way, the clips featuring this handsome man are breathtaking. Moreover, in some of them Travis Barker starred completely nude! Do you think his naked ass, which he flaunted while running down the street, added to his popularity?

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What’s My Age Again? (1999)

You will not remain indifferent to the clip What’s My Age Again? (1999). There, this male celebrity, along with two friends, ran through the streets of the city. At the same time, both his friends and Travis Barker himself were completely nude! Well, you just have to drool looking at their naked sweet asses and muscular torsos!

All The Small Things (1999)

Check out All The Small Things (1999) with his partisipation. Travis Barker also posed nude in this video. This time this hot stud was running along the seashore in the company of his friends. Well, these guys seem to enjoy being naked in public!

Be sure to check out Travis Barker’s live recording of I Miss You. It is immediately clear that this drummer takes great pleasure in what he does. And while Travis Barker drummed, the audience could admire his naked tattooed torso, because he was shirtless this time.


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