Shock! Does George Clooney cut his own hair with Flowbee?

Shock! Does George Clooney cut his own hair with Flowbee?

If George Clooney had not become a famous actor, he would undoubtedly have become a successful hairdresser. After all, as it turned out, he has been doing his own haircuts for many years!

This is the topic he discussed with Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning. As Clooney himself admitted, he has been using Flowbee for decades. So he does not make all his haircuts from famous stylists, but creates himself!

For those who are not familiar with Flowbee, this is a special device with a vacuum cleaner function that allows you to cut your hair. By the way, they began to advertise it on TV screens a long time ago, back in the late 80s. By the way, it costs quite inexpensively, about $ 40.

Well George Clooney has always managed to impress the audience with his appearance. But the fact that his hairstyles are the result of his hands and Flowbee is shocking!

We can only rejoice for this Hollywood actor. It looks like he turned out to be one of those lucky few who can look gorgeous even in conditions of total quarantine.

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