Sexy Jason Momoa striptease during ‘Kimmel’ Interview

Sexy Jason Momoa striptease during ‘Kimmel’ Interview

Jason Momoa was a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he did not hesitate to strip! He took up the challenge during a segment called “Can Jason Momoa Make it Sexy?”. There he had to appear there shirtless, which he did without hesitation.

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By the way, guest host Anthony Anderson supported Jason, and also remained without a shirt. The host suggested that this 41-year-old male celebrity make everyday activities sexy, using his animal magnetism. Momoa did a great job of ironing the shirt and putting on the hand sanitizer. He also managed to open a can of tuna. It was so funny and sexy that you should definitely watch it!

By the way, Momoa appeared on the show not by chance, but in order to present a trailer for his new movie Sweet Girl, which will be released next month.

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