Ryan Gosling stars in new Gucci ad campaign

Ryan Gosling stars in new Gucci ad campaign

Get ready to see Ryan Gosling in Gucci’s new travel campaign. This Canadian actor will now play a messenger who packs all the Gucci bags into his truck and takes them to the beach. This teaser is dedicated to Heart’s classic “Magic Man”.

The bags are already placed on the sand all over the beach, after which Gosling looks into the closet, which symbolizes the portal to another world…

Do you want to know the main idea behind this advertisement? It’s quite simple – many actors, writers, directors choose the Gucci brand for their travels. That is, the portal to another dimension is nothing but the creation together of Gucci, both in the past and in the present.

And of course I want to note that Ryan Gosling looked great and very organic in this ad! Real handsome!

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