Patrick Wilson Frontal Nude & Rough Sex Action Scenes Collection

Patrick Wilson Frontal Nude & Rough Sex Action Scenes Collection

You will fantasize about Patrick Wilson’s nude dick after watching these pics and videos. This guy definitely has something to tease you! Also Patrick Wilson is happy to flaunt his nude torso and ass in some movies … and you must see it!

Now it’s time to learn more about Patrick Wilson. It turns out this male celebrity is an avid CrossFitter. He also performs in a group for various charities. It turns out this actor loves to play the drum kit. He was in a handbell choir. Also, this handsome loves playing poker in casinos.

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Patrick Wilson shirtless photos

During his acting career, Patrick Wilson has amassed a fairly large collection of photos and videos. Sure enough, this male celebrity looks amazing while posing in a black business suit or other casual looks. However, let’s take a look at the shirtless photos of this celebrity. For example, here the paparazzi caught him while jogging, and he was wearing only blue shorts. And Patrick Wilson’s nude sweaty hairy chest was on public display! And looking at his great abs will definitely take your breath away!

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Patrick Wilson frontal nude and sex scenes

Patrick Wilson nude penis

But even more impressive were the Patrick Wilson nude movie scenes. After all, this sweet handsome man sported not only his cool ass, but also his wonderful dick! Plus, this male celebrity will stir your imagination with passionate sex scenes! Don’t delay and start watching now!

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The Full Monty (1997)

It is worth seeing him in The Full Monty (1997). There, he danced an amazing striptease in a police costume along with several guys. Patrick Wilson gradually kicked off his clothes until he was in red thongs. However, they did not stay on it for a long time. So, Patrick Wilson tore a thong on his nude tight ass,. And then turned to the audience, covering his cock with a police cap.

By the way, you can still see how it looked from the other side, because the cameras managed to capture something. The video shows Patrick Wilson raising his hands and removing the cap. And as a result, his cock with hairy balls is completely nude!

Zipper (2015)

This hot guy also starred in Zipper (2015). In one scene, you will see a part of his bare butt peeking out of his hospital shirt. There he recalled his life, not forgetting about the hot sex scenes. And you can also see Patrick Wilson nude ass while fucking a girl on the couch.

I suggest you enjoy Patrick Wilson sex with a girl on the bed. So, at first this handsome man kissed a girl and enjoyed a blowjob from her. And then he fucked her in various positions, making her moan.

Patrick Wilson is in great physical shape. And you can see it yourself by watching this shirtless actor doing push-ups from the floor. By the way, this male celebrity also spent a lot of time looking at pictures on porn sites. And then he needed to relax, so Patrick Wilson jerked off his hard cock.

Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife (2014)

By the way, you can take a look at this guy in Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife (2014). And although in this comedy he was never completely undressed, you can still see him half naked. And besides Patrick Wilson nude breasts, you can also admire his friend’s naked ass.

Stretch (2014)

Be sure to watch the comedy Stretch (2014). After all, there Patrick Wilson fucked a woman on the bed for a long time. After which he finished violently and it was an impressive sight!

Watchmen (2009)

In 2009, Watchmen was released, in which this actor also played. You will definitely be turned on by the scene in which this male celeb has sensual sex with a girl on a spaceship. In some moments, you could see not only Patrick Wilson’s nude torso, but also his bare bum! This couple was so passionate about sex that they accidentally pressed some button on the control panel …

You will be drooling as you look at the perfect nude ass Patrick Wilson, which he showed in one of the scenes. There, this naked haunk stood in thought, about to put on a suit, when a girl approached him …

There is also another hot sex scene awaiting you in this movie. There, Patrick Wilson was kissing a girl on the couch. And after that, he undressed and began to fuck her in different positions!

Little Children (2006)

It’s worth seeing this actor in Little Children (2006). There, Patrick Wilson did not hesitate to stand near the window, while being nude. Then a woman came up to him, hugged his back and pressed against his elastic buttocks … Well, it seems she managed to distract him from his thoughts, because he followed her when she left.

Also in this movie, Patrick Wilson has sex with a woman in the laundry room. He sat her down right on the table and fucked her while she squeezed his sweet buns with her hands.

Who would have thought that this male celebrity would look so sexy while taking a shower … White foam dripped down his neck and back and it was breathtaking! In addition, Patrick Wilson showed off his nude pumped up torso while swimming in the pool.

Hard Candy (2005)

Thriller Hard Candy (2005) turned out to be very impressive. Especially the scene in which Patrick Wilson woke up tied to a table and with his pants down. The girl applied ice to his naked penis and balls. Looks like she shaved it at the bottom, but not very well and now the ice pack should have stopped the bleeding.

Angels in America (2003)

This male celebrity also starred in Angels in America (2003). In one scene, a man seduced him by licking his cheek and sweatingly kissing him on the lips. Then he felt Patrick Wilson’s nude cock, thrusting his hand into his pants, and then licked his fingers …

Also, this guy will delight you and other gay erotic scene. So, Patrick Wilson embarrassedly hugged and kissed a man in the park. And it looks like he was counting on that this will all end in hot gay sex.

The scene on the seashore in this series turned out to be very sensual. There Patrick Wilson bared not only his soul, but also his body in front of a guy. So, he took off all his clothes right on the beach, and raised his hands up. Viewers could see Patrick Wilson nude tight buttocks as well as a juicy cock.

Let’s take a closer look at part of this scene. Check out how this actor strips off his white panties, revealing his ass. In addition, you can see how his big balls and juicy cock dangle between his legs!


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