Old bigoted Chris Pratt tweets – true or fake?

Old bigoted Chris Pratt tweets – true or fake?

The public was outraged after seeing the anti-Muslim and racist tweets that Chris Pratt posted many years earlier.

However, the American actor completely denies any involvement in such offensive messages, which began to circulate on Wednesday morning. For example, one of the messages said that the Muslims scare him so much. In the second, he said that “calling another n *** a a ‘n **** r’ is hilarous idc”.

Chris’s fans did not expect this behavior from their idol and were very upset. But his spokesman said that Pratt never wrote such offensive things on Twitter. And that it looks like it was done in order to discredit the actor.

A senior exec for the platform Twitter also endorsed the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star, saying he is confident these tweets are fake.

In addition, there were 2 tweets with fairly neutral jokes. By the way, one of the jokes really belonged to Chris Pratt. He noted that the Miss America contestants look very hungry.

Chris Pratt twitter scandal

All tweets can be seen in Pratt’s timeline. And according to him and his representatives, no tweets were deleted from there. And even more so there were no offensive tweets.

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