New Star Divorce – Rob and Tiffany Riggle Gonna Break Their 21-Year Marriage

New Star Divorce – Rob and Tiffany Riggle Gonna Break Their 21-Year Marriage

More recently, the public has hotly debated the divorce of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox. And now another, at first glance, very strong family, Rob and Tiffany Riggle has appeared in line. As it became known, in October this year, Tiffany decided to dissolve their 21-year-old marriage.

In the Ventura County court, her legal docs against her future “ex” husband were registered. The reason for the divorce after such a long relationship remained unknown. However, it was discovered that the legal documents indicated that irreconcilable differences were the cause. Quite unusual, considering the fact that the couple got married on April 13, 1999, and lived together for a long time. By the way, she named the date of the separation on May 2, 2020.

Tiffany is also asking the court for joint custody of their children shared with Robb. The couple has a daughter Abigail (16 years old) and a son George (12 years old). In addition, the woman also looks forward to spousal support. She also has her own asset sharing considerations. For example, Tiffany considers her car wash purchased in 2014 as separate property. But she attributed the share in whiskey and vodka companies, two houses, and also bank accounts to the common property.

Rob Riggle’s reaction to these claims is still unknown. Let’s hope that the comedian will be able to adequately cope with the situation that has arisen.

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