Neil Patrick Harris Nude Sex Videos And Naked Photos Collection

Neil Patrick Harris Nude Sex Videos And Naked Photos Collection

You will look at Neil Patrick Harris nude pics and videos over and over again, fantasizing about this hot actor! Well, this male celebrity can be proud of his body, because he is in excellent physical shape. Check out Neil Patrick Harris’ nude torso and firm butt, which he boasted in some of the movies!

So, what do we know about this actor. Did you know that he was the first openly gay man to hold an Oscar ceremony? Due to the busy filming schedule, it was quite difficult for him to cope with his studies at school, so he worked with a private tutor. By the way, this guy was found in a drama camp. Neil Patrick Harris also had his own variety show.

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Neil Patrick Harris nude photoshoots

Neil Patrick Harris nude pics will drive you crazy! Agree, he looked very hot posing in a black bow tie and a black hat. At the same time, his hat was not worn on his head, but on Neil Patrick Harris’s cock, because he posed completely nude! Also check out his big bulge in white shorts as he walked down the beach. This male celebrity looked so sweet and sexy as he posed in the bath with a cream. Naturally, he was also naked at that moment, however, the cream in the bath hid his naked cock from our view!

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Neil Patrick Harris naked and erotic gay scenes

Neil Patrick Harris leaked nude photos

You will definitely like films with his participation, because there he played great in gay sex scenes! Also in films, this actor exposed not only his soul, but also his body. So I propose to admire Neil Patrick Harris nude ass and torso right now!

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87th Academy Awards (2015)

Admire Neil Patrick Harris at the 87th Academy Awards (2015). There, his red robe was stuck in a closed door. However, this actor did not lose his head, took it off and walked down the corridor, flaunting his bulge in white boxers. It was also impossible to look away from Neil Patrick Harris’s nude, perky chest with small nipples. It is not surprising that the paparazzi photographed him from different angles. Agree, this male celebrity looked very unusual on stage near the microphone. After all, from the clothes he wore only black socks and black boots, as well as tight white boxers.

A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

Also, this actor played in A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014). Well, this man looked rather unusual with a mustache, didn’t he? And when he lay in bed and began to masturbate, the girl began to bite his mustache. This turned him on so much that Neil Patrick Harris had to quickly run straight to the bath, covering his nude cock.

Gone Girl (2014)

You will howl with delight, looking at this actor in Gone Girl (2014). In one of the scenes, he was in the same room with a very hot girl. So, she quickly pulled off panties from Neil Patrick Harris’s nude booty nd then started giving him an amazing blowjob. However, when they began to fuck, the unexpected happened. The girl cut Neil Patrick Harris’s throat and was covered in his blood.

American Horror Story (2011)

Special attention should be paid to his acting in American Horror Story (2011). There you could see Neil Patrick Harris nude bum up close. This male celebrity just decided to fuck a two-headed woman right on the carpet, making her moan in pleasure.

And here is another scene in which Neil Patrick Harris enjoyed cowgirl sex on the bed with a two-headed girl. And they even managed to cum together! Also this scene is a great opportunity to check out Neil Patrick Harris nude torso!

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011)

What do you think of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011)? This actor was very hot there, right? For example, Neil Patrick Harris was not at all shy about kissing his boyfriend sensually in front of the paparazzi.

How I Met Your Mother (2005)

This actor did a great job in How I Met Your Mother (2005). There this guy showed up at a costume party. And it is worth noting that he looked so seductive, in a top hat and shorts. Neil Patrick Harris, nude chest with small nipples and wonderful abs will make you drool!

This male celebrity never managed to sunbathe calmly. After all, every time he had to be distracted by passing girls in bikinis. In the meantime, Neil Patrick Harris is watching another beauty, you can admire his nude torso.

The Man in the Attic (1995)

Also this hot stud starred in The Man in the Attic (1995). In one scene, a woman unbuttoned Neil Patrick Harris’s white shirt to stroke his bare chest. And after that, she tied him to the bed by the hands and began to drive a rose over his naked body.

In another scene, this male celebrity was fucking a woman. And at that moment her husband returned home. So Neil Patrick Harris had to very quickly pull his underpants over his nude ass, take his clothes and run out of the room.

It turns out that this actor has very skillful hands. At least the woman was delighted with the way he massaged her back. And soon she was already hugging Neil Patrick Harris nude torso, about to have sensual sex with him on the bed.

Drawing portraits from life is another talent of this guy. However, he did not do this for long and soon found himself on the bed with his model. Well, the woman was also happy to touch Neil Patrick Harris’ nude body…

Passionate kissing Neil Patrick Harris with a woman will excite your imagination. And how gentle and sensual was their sex. Neil Patrick Harris enjoyed kissing his partner’s nude boobs and then fucking her in a missionary position.

A Family Torn Apart (1993)

Check out his acting in A Family Torn Apart (1993). Here this male celeb played volleyball in the guys’ team. At the same time, Neil Patrick Harris was shirtless and his nude chest looked so sexy! When his friend was hit by the ball and left the court, Neil Patrick Harris could not remain indifferent and left the playing field with him.


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