Maneskin Main Vocalist Naked Ass at VMAs Performance!

Maneskin Main Vocalist Naked Ass at VMAs Performance!

Fans were looking forward to Maneskin’s performance at the Video Music Awards in Newark, N.J. However, they had to be disappointed, because it looks like this performance was censored. At least the cameras panned away from the stage for most of the performance.

Most likely the reason was in the appearance of this Italian glam rock band. After all, Damiano David, the main vocalist of this group, was shirtless. In addition, his pants had huge cutouts, so at first the audience could admire his big bulge in leather shorts. And a little later, this male celebrity turned his back on the audience and David’s ass was also practically nude, covered only by a narrow strip of thong.

It’s a pity, of course, that the whole Maneskin set was censored, but you can still see some juicy moments!

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