Maluma and Susana Gómez enjoy each other in Spain

Maluma and Susana Gómez enjoy each other in Spain

Celebrities love to spend their summer holidays in Europe and Maluma is no exception. This time, this male celebrity went to the shores of Spain, not forgetting to take his girlfriend Susana Gómez.

The paparazzi followed the couple and managed to get some hot shots. So, you will be able to see how Susana and Maluma spent time on the yacht and also swam in the sea. Well, Maluma was indeed very hard to miss, as he was wearing a brightly colored bathing suit! Also very seductive are the photos of these lovers hosed off on the deck of a yacht.

As you may have noticed, this star couple does not like to expose their relationship to the public, and tries to hide from the ubiquitous paparazzi. Therefore, their last pictures were taken back in January in Greece, where they rested.

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