Keanu Reeves, 56, showed off his great physique while swimming in the freezing cold ocean!

Keanu Reeves, 56, showed off his great physique while swimming in the freezing cold ocean!

Keanu Reeves continues to impress his fans with not only great acting, but also great physical shape. Looking at his latest shirtless photos, you can immediately tell that this man looks after himself and trains regularly. Keanu Reeves gave odds to many 20-year-old handsome men after swimming in the freezing cold waters in Malibu!

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Despite the fact that the water in the Pacific Ocean was very cold, Reeves did not seem to feel any discomfort at all. When Keanu, dressed in camouflage shorts, went out on land, he looked very cheerful and happy. It seems like this Hollywood actor manages to get great pleasure from what he does! The male celebrity was in no hurry to dry his perfect body and wet hair. For a while he walked on the sand, enjoying the nature around him.

The paparazzi also photographed the Matrix actor as he arrived at the beach on his motorcycle. As you know, Keanu Reeves has his own line of motorcycles, Arch, and this bike belonged to it. Keanu, wearing a helmet, brown suede jacket and jeans, looked very masculine and sexy.

By the way, this time his girlfriend Alexandra Grant was not next to Reeves. Although on the set of the last part of the Matrix in Berlin, they were often photographed together. The couple went public in November last year, but there are rumors that they have been dating for more than one year.

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