Joel Kinnaman is involved in rape in Sweden … or not?

Joel Kinnaman is involved in rape in Sweden … or not?

It looks like the Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman is in big trouble after being accused of raping a woman in Sweden. Now the police is investigating this, after all, a criminal case has been opened against 41-year-old male celebrity, which concerns rape. Recently, Kinnaman received a restraining order against a woman, and now she has turned to the police with a new statement. Kinnaman himself claims that he did nothing of the kind.

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By the way, the accuser is his ex-girlfriend Gabriella Magnusson, with whom he had a relationship in 2018. Judging by the words of this actor, she cannot come to terms with parting and in every possible way blackmails Joel, demanding money from him and also threatened him. Now this male celebrity has filed a complaint against her. Joel promises to cooperate with the police to quickly deal with this unpleasant incident.

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