Jensen Ackles Misses Out On ‘The Last Of Us’ Role

Jensen Ackles Misses Out On ‘The Last Of Us’ Role

It seems that Jensen Ackles can play any role, because he is incredibly talented. However, some of his recent acting auditions have not come to fruition. So, this 44-year-old handsome man had to give up his place to Pedro Pascal in the upcoming series. Well, perhaps the role of Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us really wasn’t for him?

All this Ackles shared recently with Supernatural fans. However, this male celebrity is not too sad, because he is already busy filming a new game-inspired project, the details of which are not yet disclosed. The only thing known is that the filming will take place in Los Angeles.

And of course, we should not forget that Ackles is now at the peak of popularity, thanks to the main role in Big Sky.

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