Jacob Bertrand Shirtless And Bulge Photos & Vids Collection

Jacob Bertrand Shirtless And Bulge Photos & Vids Collection
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Jacob Bertrand is quite young, and perhaps that is why he is in no hurry to show his nude body. Without a doubt, this guy has something to excite your imagination. You will definitely not remain indifferent to his shirtless photos and videos. After all, Jacob Bertrand’s nude muscular chest is breathtaking, isn’t it?

Now Jacob Bertrand is 22 years old. He started his acting career when he was only 8 years old! As a child, this guy was engaged in martial arts, which helped him in the filming of Cobra Kai. Also, this male celebrity loves to play the guitar. He also sings and dances very well. By the way, he also enjoys sports, especially basketball, football, cycling and swimming.

Jacob Bertrand sexy and bulge photos

Jacob Bertrand enjoys his time with his friends. That is why all his pictures are very funny, but at the same time radiate sexuality. This guy often shows up shirtless. And I bet you’ll be drooling over Jacob Bertrand’s nude muscular torso. By the way, this actor looked very unusual when he posed with a blue mohawk. His bare chest with big brown nipples, which he also showed in this photo, will make you howl with delight.

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Jacob Bertrand shirtless movie scenes

Jacob Bertrand bulge moment

I want to see Jacob Bertrand nude movie scenes as soon as possible. But this guy was in no hurry to completely undress in front of the camera. So you get to watch his shirtless videos, which are also very hot. See for yourself now!

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Cobra Kai (2018)

You will be impressed by his acting in Cobra Kai (2018). There, Jacob Bertrand flaunted his nude wide chest and cool abs in one of the scenes. So, this actor was shirtless when he entered the ring. He wore only white pants with a black belt. At first it seemed that he would not be able to resist his opponent, but in the end Jacob Bertrand won!

And here is another scene in which several guys attacked Jacob Bertrand in the room at once. And since the forces were unequal, he could not resist for a long time. The guys laid Jacob Bertrand on the couch and you could see how the muscles on his incredible chest and abs tensed. Looks like those bastards were going to cut off his purple Mohawk with a knife…

Jacob Bertrand looked very dangerous with a red mohawk. In vain the fat guy decided to compete with him in the ring. Jacob Bertrand took off his shirt, showing tattoos on his nude back and chest… And then he showed all his fighting skills, leaving no chance for his opponent to win.

Instagram: instagram.com/thejacobbertrand

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