Is Mark Wahlberg going to leave Hollywood?

Is Mark Wahlberg going to leave Hollywood?

Mark Wahlberg shared his plans for the near future. Although he did not announce specific dates for when he wants to leave Hollywood.

The other day, his new film Father Stu was released. And the 50-year-old male celebrity sees it as a new chapter in his life. So, in a conversation with ET, Mark said that he hopes that this film will inspire others to create meaningful content.

When asked about his retirement, the actor evaded it, although he nevertheless noted that he would come out sooner rather than later. But in general it will depend on the importance and value of the projects, because when he takes part in the project, he has to spend time away from his children and wife.

Wahlberg also spoke about the fact that his mother Alma died during the filming of the film. She was able to teach him a lot, such as how to deal with difficulties and see the good in other people. And there will be moments in Father Stu that will inspire you to get through hard times with dignity.

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