‘I’m gay’ – NFL star Carl Nassib made a major statement in his life

‘I’m gay’ – NFL star Carl Nassib made a major statement in his life

On Monday, Carl Nassib, Raiders defensive end, decided to share his personal life with the public. So, he admitted to the whole world that he is gay.

Carl had intended to do this a long time ago, and it took him 15 years to decide on such a step. But thanks to the support of his loved ones, now he made up his mind and seemed to take the load off himself. Nassib hopes that LGBTQ youth will feel better and be free to talk about their sexuality in the near future.

Also, the 28-year-old NFL star decided to support the LGBTQ community not only with words, but also financially. He donated $ 100,000 to The Trevor Project. Perhaps with the help of this organization and his donations, it will be possible to reduce the risks of suicide in LGBTQ youth.

Well, Carl has already achieved a lot in her career. So, he now has a $ 25 million contract with the Raiders. He was also brilliant in the HBO documentary series ‘Hard Knocks’. This guy is the owner of the Ted Hendricks Award for the best defensive end in the country.

NFL commish Roger Goodell and other NFL players have also reacted to Carl Nassib’s statement. They supported him and recognized his act as very courageous. Well, all that remains is to wish this hot guy the best luck in the coming season!

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