Hot nude selfie from Maluma is already on Instagram!

Hot nude selfie from Maluma is already on Instagram!

Maluma undoubtedly wanted to attract the attention of the public and for this he even took off all his clothes. However, before taking a selfie in front of the mirror, he decided to add a sexual connotation to his photo. As you can see, the naked body of this 28-year-old male celebrity is embraced by women’s arms, although the woman’s face is not visible. The singer noted that the hands of the clock just show 12 AM.

And the day before, a video appeared on his profile with an unknown girl who first takes pictures of the sleeping Maluma on her phone, and then undresses to sexy lingerie and goes to bed with him. And it wasn’t his girlfriend Susana Gomez…

Well, fans assume that this is a kind of warming up of interest before the release of a new song. Perhaps this is so, what do you think?

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