Has Zac Efron had plastic surgery?

Has Zac Efron had plastic surgery?

Last year, a pic of Zac Efron taken in Bill Nye’s Earth Day! The Musical video created a lot of buzz among his fans. Almost everyone suspected him of plastic surgery, because it was clear that his jaw line had changed.

So what really happened? This 34-year-old handsome man spoke about this in his interview for Men’s Health. As it turned out, his face really changed due to injury. He slipped in his house and hit a granite fountain so hard that he seriously injured his chin. Due to this injury, his chewing muscles have become very large, and therefore his face looks a little different.

The actor learned about the rumors about his plastic surgery from his mother. However, he does not pay too much attention to them, because being in the center of rumors and gossip is the cost of his profession.

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