Guilty or not? Conor McGregor accused of attempted sexual assault

Guilty or not? Conor McGregor accused of attempted sexual assault

French officials announced that Conor McGregor was arrested by police this Saturday on charges of attempted sexual assault and then interrogated in Corsica.

This male celebrity recently traveled with his fiancée Dee Devlin across the Mediterranean on his yacht. Conor McGregor proposed to her last month, and this week they were even in a photo shoot together. The couple already have two children.

But allegedly on Thursday there was an incident at the bar, after which a complaint was filed against McGregor on September 10. It spoke about the actions of Conor McGregor, which could be described as attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibition.

The Agence France-Presse received confirmation from a Corsica court official that McGregor was taken into police custody.

A spokesman for the superstar’s UFC said Conor McGregor strongly denies any allegations of misconduct. He was interrogated and then released.

By the way, quite recently, this is not the first meeting with the law at McGregor. In 2019, he was already arrested for robbery when he took a mobile phone from a man in Miami. He had also been arrested years earlier when he threw a steel cart at the window of a UFC bus. Also, last year, this male celebrity hit an older man in a pub in Ireland for no reason.

Well, time will tell whether he is guilty or not. But his long history with the law is definitely not in his favor.

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