Fully naked Antonio Brown has fun with a woman in the pool

Fully naked Antonio Brown has fun with a woman in the pool

A video has become available of Antonio Brown completely naked having fun in a pool in Dubai. This entry is already 4 months old and was filmed in late spring, but became available only now. Well, maybe someone was trying to hide their obscene acts from the public?

So, during his stay at the Armani Hotel, this football player seemed to feel confident enough to swim in the pool completely naked. At the same time, he showed special attention to a woman who also swam in the pool. He managed to demonstrate to her not only his naked ass, but also to show off his penis! All this happened under the comments of a man behind the scenes. However, it seems that such actions of this male celebrity did not arouse the woman at all, but rather angered her and she left, and also complained to the hotel management about Brown.

Recall that Antonio does not play football this season, because he has not signed a contract with anyone. But apparently this does not prevent him from having fun, as we see. Well, it will soon be seen what the consequences of this video will be, but for now, a bunch of negativity has already been poured on the 34-year-old athlete.


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