Eddie Cibrian Bulge Underwear Scenes & Shirtless Pics Collection

Eddie Cibrian Bulge Underwear Scenes & Shirtless Pics Collection

Eddie Cibrian loves to be in the spotlight of the public. However, not all celebrities are willing to strip for this. But Eddie Cibrian is not averse to posing shirtless for photo shoots and films, if necessary. Therefore, if you dream of seeing Eddie Cibrian naked chest and a big bulge, then rather start watching!

Some interesting from bio

Turns out Eddie Cibrian is of Cuban descent. He loves taking pictures of people, nature and everything around him. This male celebrity also collects tequila. His favorite city in the world is Vancouver. When he was 20, he was in a boy band called 3Deep.

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Eddie Cibrian shirtless photoshoot

If you want to see the perfect male torso, shirtless Eddie Cibrian is sure to impress you. This male celeb often poses in lingerie, flaunting his hairy chest with brown nipples. In addition, the paparazzi caught this scantily clad handsome man as he walked with a glass in his hands along the beach.



Eddie Cibrian bulge and underwear photos

Films with Eddie Cibrian deserve special attention. This male celeb seems to expose her body on purpose to tease the audience. Agree, Eddie Cibrian naked muscular torso looks very exciting! And you will howl with delight, looking at his incredible bulge in his underwear. It is a pity that Eddie Cibrian has not yet decided to show us his cock. However, can he do it in the next films?

Take Two (2018)

Check out his acting in Take Two (2018). There, this actor began to passionately kiss the girl as soon as he crossed the threshold of the apartment. And just a few moments later, this couple was without clothes. However, we could only see Eddie Cibrian’s exposed muscular chest and great abs as the doors to the room quickly closed.

And here is another scene in which this man was in the same shower stall with a woman. Eddie Cibrian was in his underwear and when he washed the woman with water, he began to get aroused. Everything would have ended with sex right in the shower if they had not been interrupted by another woman. Agree that Eddie Cibrian naked wet torso and his bulge in wet boxer briefs looked very seductive!

Also, this hunk appeared shirtless in another scene. When Eddie Cibrian opened the door for the girl, she was impressed by the rippling muscles on his chest, as well as the cool abs.

Ugly Betty (2006)

This actor looked so sexy in Ugly Betty (2006). In one scene, he was taking a shower. So you could see Eddie Cibrian naked hairy chest and 6-pack abs, covered in water droplets, close-up. And when he got out of the shower naked, he expected to see a woman there, but not a man! And so he had to cover his cock with a shower curtain!

Living Out Loud (1998)

You will be very turned on by his performance in Living Out Loud (1998). Eddie Cibrian took off his clothes, left in white boxer briefs, and began to massage a naked girl. At the same time, he not only touched her bare back and ass with his hands, but also pressed against her head with his huge bulge. Eddie Cibrian also allowed her to put her hands in his underpants and feel his bare buttocks.

Dirty Sexy Money (2007)

And here is another TV series Dirty Sexy Money (2007) in which this handsome man played. So, this hot stud lay right on the floor with the woman. And as you can see, Eddie Cibrian was completely naked, although the red sheet still hid his cock and ass from our eyes.

You can’t take your eyes off Eddie Cibrian’s perfect muscular torso when he showed up at the door of the house. It looks like this male celebrity just got out of the shower, as a dark green towel covered him below the waist. Well, the woman who brought him the documents was definitely very impressed.

Criminal Minds (2005)

Be sure to check out this guy in Criminal Minds (2005). He had a negative role there, but with all this he looked very sexy. So be sure to watch Eddie Cibrian get out of the shower and dry off with a towel. After that, this male celebrity approaches his victim and talks to her … Who would have thought that a real maniac is hiding under such an attractive appearance?

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

And of course this actor was irresistible in the comedy But I’m a Cheerleader (1999). There he managed to charm the guys outdoor. Eddie Cibrian was wearing short shorts that showed off his huge bulge and great booty. A blue sleeveless T-shirt fit his awesome pecs, amazing abs and did not hide his strong arms. In the hands of this male celebrity was a stick, which he slowly jerked.

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