DC Extended Universe intrigues fans with ‘Flash’ rumors

DC Extended Universe intrigues fans with ‘Flash’ rumors

Recently, DCEU fans have been unable to sleep well. And all because perhaps their favorite characters are going to be nixed from the franchise.

And although so far all this remains at the level of rumors, they are still uneasy. Especially after movie insiders announced that Warner Bros. had decided to revolutionize the concept of the DCEU. They started talking about this after seeing an excerpt from the new movie ‘Flash’ …

So, judging by the words of reporter Grace Randolph, there will no longer be either Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck in subsequent films. It is also possible that the Justice League will change its roster. Batgirl and Superman may appear in it instead of Batman and Supergirl, respectively. Ezra Miller, who played in ‘Flash’, stated that Zack Snyder’s work has not been canceled.

Well, shooting for ‘Flash’ was completed in October 2021 with a release date scheduled for February this year. So it remains to wait quite a bit to find out everything!

Source: TMZ

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