D.B. Woodside Shirtless & Underwear Videos And Sexy Photos

D.B. Woodside Shirtless & Underwear Videos And Sexy Photos

No matter how hard the paparazzi try, they still fail to photograph D. B. Woodside absolutely nude. Although this actor sometimes makes everyone drool by appearing shirtless. Needless to say, D. B. Woodside nude wide chest with brown nipples as if asking us to lick it!

Some interesting from bio

And here are some interesting things about this actor. After this guy got a football injury in a high school, he decided to take up acting. Thanks to this, a little later he could be seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For this role, D. B. Woodside had to put a lot of effort and he performed most of the stunts in the series himself. It is also impossible to imagine a hotter angel Amenadiel in Lucifer than D. B. Woodside!

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D.B. Woodside sexy photoshoots

At a glance at D.B. Woodside will turn you on as it radiates great sexual energy. This guy might not even take off his clothes to look stunning. Even looking at pictures of him in clothes, you will feel a great desire. After all, you can always fantasize about D.B. Woodside nude body that hides under his outfit. Or you can watch other photos and videos with this guy, in which D.B. Woodside appears nude.

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D.B. Woodside gay kiss moment

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In 2016, there was only talk about D.B. Woodside gay kiss moment. Then he kissed Tom Ellis in front of the public and cameras. You could even see D.B. Woodside licked his face with his pink tongue. However, all this seems to be happening only in order to draw attention to the premiere of the series Lucifer. Although it is possible in this way D.B. Woodside wanted to come out as gay?

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D.B. Woodside shirtless & underwear movie scenes

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D. B. Woodside is in no hurry to be completely naked in films. Although still this male celebrity is not shy about acting in lingerie. In some scenes, D. B. Woodside flaunts his nude wide, muscular chest and great abs. Well, this guy is in wonderful physical shape and looks impressive! It seems to me that you can come from just one touch on his naked body.

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Lucifer (2016)

D. B. Woodside did a great job in Lucifer (2016). It was on this show that he sported his big bulge in tight-fitting boxers. In addition, D. B. Woodside also took part in the fight in the ring, during which you can evaluate his physical fitness. And also admire his pumped up sweaty chest and 6-pack abs!

D.B. Woodside About Final Scene of Lucifer

Also watch the interview with D.B. Woodside to ET’s Katie Krause. There he will talk about the final days of filming Lucifer, as well as when Season 5B of the show will premiere. Oh, D.B. Woodside looked very hot, even though he didn’t even take off his clothes for it!

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