Daniel Radcliffe changes his look in “Weird Al”

Daniel Radcliffe changes his look in “Weird Al”

The biopic “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” is coming out soon. And Daniel Radcliffe will play the lead role there. Yankovic himself said this during his interview on January 18. Thus, Yankovic announced that he was fulfilling his promise to release a major film every 33 years. Recall that his last film was ‘UHF’, which was released in 1989. Weird Al also noted that he was very excited about the fact that Radcliffe would play him in the movie. He is sure that his acting will impress everyone.

This biopic will begin streaming on The Roku Channel and will be completely free. Meanwhile, on Feb. 19th the paparazzi have already managed to photograph Radcliffe on the set of the upcoming film. Well, he looked very impressive as Yankovic. It is unlikely that you would recognize him on the street in a printed shirt, as well as with a mustache and in a curly wig.

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