Colton Underwood kissing new boyfriend in Hawaii

Colton Underwood kissing new boyfriend in Hawaii

Colton Underwood came out as gay a few months ago. This became a sensation, because before that he was actively filming in the Bachelor franchise. Colton himself argued that in the near future he had no dating. However, as you can see, very little time passed and he changed his mind …

So, he was spotted in Hawaii at the Four Seasons in Maui. And the former ‘Bachelor’ was not alone, but in the company of a mysterious man. As it turned out later, it was Jordan C. Brown.

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What is known about Jordan is that he is very involved in politics. Colton’s new beau has served on the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It can be seen that these two are very happy and relaxed relaxing together on the beach. It is not yet known how long they have been together. It is only known that in June they took a trip to Provincetown, MA as part of the group.

We continue to watch Colton Underwood with interest and hope that he finally found his soul mate.

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