Cody Simpson will compete in Commonwealth Games

Cody Simpson will compete in Commonwealth Games

What talents Cody Simpson does not have! Could you imagine that this guy is not only an actor and musician, but also a great athlete. At the same time, he swims so well that he even earned a spot on the Australian swim team!

So, during a recent competition, this 25-year-old handsome man took third place in the 100-meter butterfly! And this despite the fact that only Olympians could get around it! Well, all the same, his past makes himself feel, because in his teens, Simpson was a great swimmer. However, he moved away from the sport a little when his musical career began to develop.

Two years ago, this male celebrity made the decision to return to swimming and trained long and hard. Well, now he shows great results. And it is possible that in the near future he will be able to win gold!
We look forward to his performance in the Commonwealth Games and wish him the good luck!

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