120 days in jail for Bizarre Gun Incident – this is the result for Malik Beasley

120 days in jail for Bizarre Gun Incident – this is the result for Malik Beasley

A verdict has just come into force, according to which Malik Beasley is deprived of the right to owning firearms, and also must sentence 120 days in jail. All these are the consequences of the bizarre incident that happened to him in September. Then, NBA star directed firearms at the family.

Prosecutors in Hennepin County, Minnesota, identified Malik’s Plymouth house by accident on the “Parade of Homes” list. That’s a famous tourist guide to the area’s most interesting penthouses. Malik became enraged at the increased traffic around his house.

As a result, on September 26 this male celebrity could not control himself. Near his house was the guests’ car, which he approached. Beasley aimed his gun at the family inside and then ordered the guests to leave. Cops later arrested Beasley. And it was revealed that he also possessed weed. Therefore, in the end, he was accused of drugs possession, as well as felony threats of violence.

In December, a virtual court hearing took place in this case. Then Malik did not deny that he threatened people in the car and pleaded guilty. In turn, the prosecutor’s office decided to drop the drug charge against him.

The following trial took place on Tuesday. The result was that a virtual court sentenced NBA star to 120 days at “The Workhouse”, a jail facility. However, he must do so after the NBA season has ended. That is, roughly this should happen on May 26. Malik also has to complete random drug testing. He has to go through an anger management program and is banned from possession of firearms for life.

Beasley apologized for his actions. And Steve Haney, his attorney, expressed hope that Beasley will become better in the future.

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