10 Interesting Things About Nick Adams

10 Interesting Things About Nick Adams

After the recent premiere of the movie Fire Island, Nick Adams has found himself in the spotlight. Still, because this film became a real hit, and he played a major role there! By the way, in recent years, this male celebrity has managed to play in 6 Broadway musicals!

And here are some interesting facts about this 39-year-old actor:

1. He has a pointer cattle dog mix named Dallas. It didn’t take long to think about the nickname, because at that moment he played Dallas Drake in the series The Other Two, and the dog was adopted from Dallas, Texas.
2. There was a typo in his birth certificate, as a result of which the middle name was Rad instead of Tadd.
3. This actor claims to see the number 211 at least once a day.
4. His acquaintance with the Broadway show began when he was 15 years old. And after 8 years, he made his debut on Broadway.
5. He dated Kyle Brown for over 11 years. By the way, not only were they a couple, but Kyle was also Nick’s understudy in Wicked.
6. Judy Garland was born on the same day as him.
7. As a child, his pet was a fish. It was little piranha Mark.
8. When the filming of Fire Island was about to end, Nick cut his leg very badly. The doctors had to put 8 stitches, and the actor had to hide it into a Gucci espadrille in the final scene.
9. He already had quite a lot of drag experience before Drag: The Musical. So, this male celebrity has played drag roles in 3 Broadway musicals.
10. His hometown is Erie, Pennsylvania. However, as for his costar Alaska Thunderfuck.

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